Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cat Fights

Two cats were scrapping
In my garden last night
The noise was horrendous
There was a hell of a fight

They flattened my parsley
And munted my beans
Chewed my spring onions
They fought through the greens

They dislodged my beetroot
And rolled in my cabbage
Their high spirited fighting
Was certainly savage

I heard the commotion
Though I didn't explore
I thought nothing of it
Just a scrap nothing more

Till I went out in my garden
As I usually do
To check my new plantings
And have a sort through

And I gasped in horror
At the carnage I saw
What on earth could have done this
There was mayhem galore!

And then I remembered
The noise of the fight
From those dastardly cats
As they fought in the night

Well I am still reeling
From their savage attack
I sure hope those rascals
Will never be back.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spring Is Here

Spring has arrived
The sky is glowing
plants are growing
And I am Feeling Alive

The sun is shining
Tis time for dining
And barbecuing outside

I'm out in the garden
I beg your pardon
Should I really be inside

I've work to do, but really who
Expects me to work at my desk
My garden is calling, I may be stalling
I'm torn between what to do next

I've accounts to pay and work that may
Keep me from my sense of pleasure
The garden for me, is my therapy
It's time out I really do treasure

I one foot inside, the other is out
I'm moving both forward and back
This indecision needs revision
Tis not helping to keep me on track

I think you should know
that the weeds may all grow
While I spend the day at my desk

As I yearn for creation
And sense of elation
In a garden that looks picturesque.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Something Is Eating My Silverbeet

Something is eating my silver beet
It really is quite strange
Something is eating my silver beet
I fear it has the mange

It was growing there quite nicely
Though the leaves were kind of stunted
Then overnight the holes appeared
And my silver beet was munted

So I dusted it with deris dust
Even though this is a sin
A few days later I looked again
I could see where they had bin

Little green crawly critters
Underneath the leaf
These stealthy crawly caterpillar's
Were giving the plant some grief

I removed some great big fat ones
And others that were small
I'm hoping my lovely silver beet
Will recover from them all.

Monday, April 16, 2012

I Love Pansies

I love pansies
I think they're rather snazzy
I love their velvety petals
And their colours are so jazzy

There is nothing like a flower
To lift and cheer the mind
Just gazing at their beauty
Helps me to unwind

They display their many colours
Black, yellow, red and blue
As well as softer colours
I love the pinky hue

They don't release a perfume
It's all about their splendour
Receiving a bunch of pansies
Makes me feel all warm and tender.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Merlin Came To Visit

Merlin came up to my door
I didn't know his name
He was wandering along the road
He was friendly and quite tame

Just a little puppy
with his cute beagley eyes
So when he arrived at my door
Well I was rather surprised

I had seen him around the neighbourhood
So I knew that he was  local
He stood there looking up at me
Quiet  and not vocal

"You had better come in doggy" I said
We don't want you on the road
You may get yourself run over
You naughty little toad

Well he came into the house
And I put him in the yard
But doggy was not happy
And it was kinda hard

To watch him as he ran around
In captivity
This doggy wanted to be out!
He wanted to be free

I knew that he was pining so
I let him in the house
I expected him to sit right down
As quiet as a mouse

But doggy he had other ideas
As he leapt about the place
Jumping on the furniture
You should have seen my face

I tried to tell him sit and stay
But he was having none of it
He was very excited and having fun
While I was having a fit

That's it I said outside you go
And wait there for your mum
And though I thought him rather cute
Well I was just about done

With all his doggy antics
As cute as he may be
This little doggy was spirited
And more than a match for me

I met his lovely parents
And they took wee Merlin home
So now I have a number
And I know just who to phone

If ever Merlin should call again
I'll know just what to do
Believe me I won't hesitate
I'll be calling you!

Written by Jannpoet

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Bank Statement

I'm reconcilling my bank statement
but it's not working out at all
no matter how I look at it
the figures won't play ball

I know it's pretty simple
but the solution doesn't come
my head's a little foggy now
and I wish it was all done

This accounting programme is challenging me
must be time to take a break
not only does my head feel fuzzy
but now it is starting to ache

I'll take time out for coffee
hope my brain will kick  into gear
if that doesn't do the trick
you are gonna hear me swear

It annoys me when I know it's simple
and I know I can work through it
but at the moment I am stumped
and you know I just can't do it

The coffee is now kicking in
my work will be completed
I applied myself and worked it through
and I was not defeated.