Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cat Fights

Two cats were scrapping
In my garden last night
The noise was horrendous
There was a hell of a fight

They flattened my parsley
And munted my beans
Chewed my spring onions
They fought through the greens

They dislodged my beetroot
And rolled in my cabbage
Their high spirited fighting
Was certainly savage

I heard the commotion
Though I didn't explore
I thought nothing of it
Just a scrap nothing more

Till I went out in my garden
As I usually do
To check my new plantings
And have a sort through

And I gasped in horror
At the carnage I saw
What on earth could have done this
There was mayhem galore!

And then I remembered
The noise of the fight
From those dastardly cats
As they fought in the night

Well I am still reeling
From their savage attack
I sure hope those rascals
Will never be back.

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