Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Bank Statement

I'm reconcilling my bank statement
but it's not working out at all
no matter how I look at it
the figures won't play ball

I know it's pretty simple
but the solution doesn't come
my head's a little foggy now
and I wish it was all done

This accounting programme is challenging me
must be time to take a break
not only does my head feel fuzzy
but now it is starting to ache

I'll take time out for coffee
hope my brain will kick  into gear
if that doesn't do the trick
you are gonna hear me swear

It annoys me when I know it's simple
and I know I can work through it
but at the moment I am stumped
and you know I just can't do it

The coffee is now kicking in
my work will be completed
I applied myself and worked it through
and I was not defeated.

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