Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spring Is Here

Spring has arrived
The sky is glowing
plants are growing
And I am Feeling Alive

The sun is shining
Tis time for dining
And barbecuing outside

I'm out in the garden
I beg your pardon
Should I really be inside

I've work to do, but really who
Expects me to work at my desk
My garden is calling, I may be stalling
I'm torn between what to do next

I've accounts to pay and work that may
Keep me from my sense of pleasure
The garden for me, is my therapy
It's time out I really do treasure

I one foot inside, the other is out
I'm moving both forward and back
This indecision needs revision
Tis not helping to keep me on track

I think you should know
that the weeds may all grow
While I spend the day at my desk

As I yearn for creation
And sense of elation
In a garden that looks picturesque.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely! It makes me yearn for spring, but alas, winter's on the way. :)