Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Merlin Came To Visit

Merlin came up to my door
I didn't know his name
He was wandering along the road
He was friendly and quite tame

Just a little puppy
with his cute beagley eyes
So when he arrived at my door
Well I was rather surprised

I had seen him around the neighbourhood
So I knew that he was  local
He stood there looking up at me
Quiet  and not vocal

"You had better come in doggy" I said
We don't want you on the road
You may get yourself run over
You naughty little toad

Well he came into the house
And I put him in the yard
But doggy was not happy
And it was kinda hard

To watch him as he ran around
In captivity
This doggy wanted to be out!
He wanted to be free

I knew that he was pining so
I let him in the house
I expected him to sit right down
As quiet as a mouse

But doggy he had other ideas
As he leapt about the place
Jumping on the furniture
You should have seen my face

I tried to tell him sit and stay
But he was having none of it
He was very excited and having fun
While I was having a fit

That's it I said outside you go
And wait there for your mum
And though I thought him rather cute
Well I was just about done

With all his doggy antics
As cute as he may be
This little doggy was spirited
And more than a match for me

I met his lovely parents
And they took wee Merlin home
So now I have a number
And I know just who to phone

If ever Merlin should call again
I'll know just what to do
Believe me I won't hesitate
I'll be calling you!

Written by Jannpoet

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